12 Lovely Valentine’s Day Sewing Projects


Love is in the air – can you feel it? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and just like any other festive season, I’m so excited! Any event calls for celebration, even if it doesn’t get us a day off. I mean, most of us are working from home in 2021 as well anyway, so does it really matter?

But being stuck at home during this pandemic isn’t necessarily a bad thing – for the sewing enthusiasts, it just means more time for us to get creative with our hands and practice our craft. 

Whether or not you have a partner to spend this romantic holiday with, don’t let that be the deciding factor to you enjoying this full-of-love season. Even self-love counts when it comes to Valentine’s Day. In this article, we’ve listed out 12 fun, exciting and lovely Valentine’s Day sewing projects for you to try your hand at – from decorations for your home to gifts to give others!


Get into the Valentine’s spirit with decorations all around the house. An unpopular belief is that you don’t actually have to spend much to decorate your house every time a new festivity comes around. Lots of people think it’s going to cost quite a bit, when in reality, all you need is a few meters of fabric, a sewing machine (or sewing kit) and the passion to put them together. 

Time to bring down the Christmas and New Year’s decorations, swap out the greens and golds with reds and pinks, and twinkling lights with heart-shaped everything!

1. Heart-Shaped Coasters

Image Credit: Salihan on Flickr

One of the easiest decorations you can make is coasters – so why not put a spin on it and craft them in the shape of a heart? These heart-shaped coasters are extremely easy to make, you can even piece them together in your sleep! If you don’t want to spend too much money on getting new, Valentine’s Day-related prints, you don’t have to at all. You can quite literally use any scraps of fabric you have remaining at home, cut them in heart shapes, sew them up together, and they’ll still end up still perfect for this occasion.

You can use any type of fabric that’s more water-absorbent than others – cotton and polyester are too thin to make great coasters, but felt or wool are thick enough to make the cut. 

Alternatively, if you’re better at handling knitting needles than me, you might want to give knitting a heart-shaped coaster. They’re small so it wouldn’t take much time at all – and, it’s therapeutic! Well…for some people. For me, it stresses me out more than anything else because I can never get the hang of it! 

2. Heart Garland 

Image Credit: the green gables on Flickr

Even if you aren’t full of love, you can still fill your entire house with hearts. And the easiest way to do that is by making a few garlands and stringing it up across every room in your house! A heart garland is extremely simple to make and the outcome is more than satisfying. All you need is a string, a couple of cut-out felt hearts and tape or glue. And taa-daa!

Take it up a notch by sewing up your cut-out hearts, flip it inside out and stuffing it with cotton wool or something similar before sewing them shut, to have 3D heart ornaments floating around your home!

3. Heart Wreath

If Christmas and New Year’s festivities get their own wreath, why not Valentine’s Day? Hang it on your entrance door, room door, or anywhere around the house to lift the romantic spirits in your home.

There are so many kinds of heart wreath decoration you can make. If you’re not confident in sewing up a huge heart wreath, you can just get a couple of ready-made fake roses and glue them together into a heart shape.

But we’re all here to get our craft on, aren’t we? So why not try your hand at a fabric flower heart wreath, where you make everything on your own? I can assure you that you’ll feel extremely satisfied and proud of yourself when you finish it and see the result proudly hanging on your wall.

4. Kitchen Accessories

Image Credit: Elin B on Flickr

If you’ve read our Christmas sewing projects article, you might’ve noticed that we have a whole section dedicated to kitchen accessories. While I was tempted to do the same and put aside a couple of listings just for them, I ended up putting them all together in one point: kitchen accessories.

This is one of the easiest and best ways to get yourself in the holiday spirit while quickly decorating a certain area in your home. Regardless of whether or not you’re a big cooking enthusiast, having a few sewn-up potholders and oven mittens hanging on the kitchen counter do give an extra homey touch, don’t you think?

I suggest a simple heart potholder to begin with – you can’t go wrong with that. Eventually build yourself up to making heart oven mitts, utensil holders, placemats and other kitchen accessories you can think of. The (kitchen) world is your limit!

5. Pillow Casings

Image Credit: Wendy on Flickr

Whether it’s throw pillows on your bed or the living room sofa, these comfy cushions are wonderful decorations that add the extra homey mood to any house, don’t you think? 

And best of all, having all these pillows open up the opportunity to change its appearance every once in a while without breaking the bank – with just some pillow casings! For the Valentine’s season, why not sew up a couple of red and pink heart pillow casings for a little living room makeover?

With pillow casings, you can let your creativity run wild as well – you don’t necessarily need to follow a template. Design a pillow case yourself and start crafting!

6. Heart Plushie

Image Credit: Adam Dachis on Flickr

Take it up a notch and make heart plushies of all shapes and sizes to decorate around the house. It could be as simple as making a heart pillow which, if I do say so myself, comes out super splendid! I would even have it out after Valentine’s Day, just because they’re such a great addition to the couch. 

You could make some koi fish plushies. Why, you ask? Well, “koi” means “love” in Japanese. So for those who don’t want to be so direct with Valentine’s Day decorations, this is the perfect indirect yet relatable decoration for your home. You can make it big or small – as a decorative piece or a pillow to hug to sleep!


We’ll move on to gifts you can give to your partner, friends and family during this lovely festive season. Other than the standard roses and chocolates – let’s admit, they’re classic yet stereotypical to say the least – bump your Valentine’s Day game with a few hand-sewn gifts. What’s better than a personal touch? 

While the decorations mentioned above are still ideal gifts, below are a few ideas you can quickly whip up. Whether it’s for your partner or just to spread the love, these sewing projects are great for all.

7. Heart Hand Gloves

Image Credit: Stephanie Overton

It’s still cold for those of us who live in countries where it’s winter. Why not warm the heart and, at the same time, hands of someone special with some DIY heart gloves? The best part about this sewing project is that you can choose to do as little sewing or as much sewing as you want. 

One way to do it is to get a ready-made pair of gloves, cut up some felt heart shape pieces and hand stitch them on. This is probably the easiest project out of them all! The other method is to knit your own pair of gloves – more effort but more satisfaction, as well.

8. Coffee Cosy

Image Credit: vivianna_love on Flickr

Any coffee lovers out there? I need my cup of coffee in the morning to function, if not, I’d be so cranky. Do you know anyone who’s the same? Then make them this cute and functional heart-shaped coffee cosy – I know I’ll be making one for myself as well. 

You can go as crazy as you want in terms of design for the coffee cosy – if the person you’re gifting to is a minimalist, maybe just a simple design would do, and vice versa. The material is up to your liking as well – you can knit it, or use a stretchy fabric and sew one up. If you’re going to use a woven fabric which is not as stretchy, you might want to design it in a way where it can be used for various cup sizes.

9. Valentine’s Bookmark

Image Credit: Elisa on Flickr

In this day and age of Kindle, there are still some of us who are still old-school and stick to the traditional physical books. Who could blame us? They’re undoubtedly the best way to read a book. If you know a bookworm, put together a couple of Valentine’s Day-themed bookmarks.

Go crazy with designs – you can have the traditional long ones, or stringy ones with tassels at the end. Make the tassels in the shape of a heart so it’ll fall down cutely at the front of the book.

10. Bags

Image Credit: heatherknitz on Flickr

One of the easiest sewing projects in general is bags – there are so many types of bags you can make, and tote bags take almost no time at all to whip one out right away. Why not make a heart-shaped tote bag that’s convenient and functional for someone to use on an errand run?

Alternatively, you can go a bit out there and make a literal heart-shaped bag. It’s fairly simple, and all you need is a lot of felt. 

Or you could make a small bag…also called a pouch. Basically, take any pattern and make it smaller – save the time, save the fabric, too. I love making pouches more than bags just because they’re always of use for a lot of people, more so than bags. It could be a cosmetics pouch, a pouch to hold your cards, or basically anything. You can even sew one small enough to be an earpiece holder!

11. Love Pin Cushions

Image Credit: cornflakecouture on Flickr

If you have another friend that’s just into sewing as you, why not gift them a love pin cushion? They’re simple, fun, and adds that personal touch which tells them that you care enough about them to know what their interests are. 

You can have a round-shaped one with heart prints as the fabric, or an actual heart-shaped pin cushion. It could be one where it’s like a small pillow, or one where you can strap it around the wrists – or even better: do one that’s interchangeable! I know I would love that as a Valentine’s Day gift!

12. Notebook Covers

Image Credit: AcolyteH on Flickr

Last but not least, we have notebook covers as a fun Valentine’s Day sewing project. If you know someone who’s always writing in a notebook or looking for that ideal one, save them the hassle of the hunt and gift them a notebook cover with a notebook in it. 

I personally like this sewing project as you could customise it to the person you’re gifting – whether it’s hand-sewing their name on it or adding cute cut-outs of stuff they like. It’s a great way to show someone you care, and I’m 100% certain it’ll warm their hearts!


With these 12 Valentine’s Day sewing projects, you have no excuse to not give your loved ones a well-thought out gift to show how much you love them. We still have a few weeks away till the big day, so let’s get crafting! 

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