8 Best Folding Sewing Tables 2022

Starting a new hobby, especially one like sewing, can take up not only time and money but also space. Raise your hands if you’ve claimed the kitchen table at times for your sewing endeavors – I know my mum was so sick of my mess around the house when I first started out. 

If you’re in a similar situation, maybe it’s time to consider dedicating a space just for this crafting – perhaps a sewing table? If you’re worried about not having enough room in the house for it, well, you’re in luck – we’re here to look at the top foldable tables that are great for sewing, that we can find on the market currently. These are great for space-saving while at the same time giving you a space for sewing.

Here are the 8 best folding sewing tables of 2022, ranked from budget options to splurge-worthy ones!

But before that, a quick intro in case you’re not sure what it is and why you need one.

What is A Sewing Table?

If you don’t know what a sewing table is, you can assume its function just by the name: it’s a table for…yup, sewing! If you’re wondering why one needs a table specifically for sewing, it’s pretty simple – you’re going to spend hours on end sewing, and a table props up the sewing machine comfortably. 

A foldable table is simply one that can fold, to allow you open it out when you need working space, and close it up when you’re done, so you can conserve space, especially when you only have a small space available for your sewing activities.

Sewing tables come in various shapes and sizes – of different heights, tools and functionality. If the surface that you put your sewing machine on is too high or too low, you’ll be reaching and bending over uncomfortably. Not only will it affect your sewing productivity but also it’s awful for your posture!

They can also double as a crafting table where you do all sorts of sewing-related tasks like cutting fabric and pinning. Most of these types of tables are scratch-resistant just for this very reason.

Many sewing tables also have lockable caster feet so that you can move the table around easily without having to reposition it each time, and then locking it when you find the right position. This feature is perfect for those who are thinking of storing away the table to make more space when you’re done sewing. 

These are the basic qualities that differentiates a table meant for sewing from an average tabletop.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the top folding sewing tables on the market!

1. Need Folding Desk

Need Folding Desk for sewing, with a laptop and an open book

The first one on the list isn’t particularly designed for sewing, but tons of sewists have used it for the purpose – and it does the trick. The Need Folding Desk is a multi-purpose, foldable table that provides the basic essentials to be an ideal sewing station. 

Its a nice, small foldable sewing table that can fit snugly into small spaces, so if you’re looking for a one that can fit into small corners or tight spaces, this would work great. However, there’s still ample room for you to work with, with dimensions of 100cm by 60cm by 10cm. If you’re quilting or making bigger clothes, you don’t have to worry about this table not having enough space – it’s perfect. 

This table also has adjustable leg pads so that you can change the height of the table by 1 to 2 centimetres. And that’s not even the best part – these leg pads accommodate uneven floors so the table will still be stable despite it. 

This is the best one for sewists who are tight on budget, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not of quality – the material is E1 graded solid wood, durable and stable. 

Of course, this table boasts an easy-to-store feature, being able to fold away in seconds with its adjustable hinges at the base of the table. 

2. Arrow Gidget I

Arrow Gidget I foldable table

Another budget-friendly piece is Arrow’s Gidget I Table. While slightly more expensive than the first option, this one is made specifically to hold a sewing machine and handle other sewing-related crafts. There’s an opening that’ll fit most sewing machines, raising and lowering the machine to your desired height. 

Many reviewers boast its durable legs – durable steel that can fold down so the table can be folded flat when not in use. 

The base of the table is approximately 50cm by 100cm, made from resilient melamine. It’s the perfect size – not too big that it takes up so much space, but just enough that it’ll accommodate your bigger sewing projects. 

I personally like this other feature – it has a neat rule along with one of the edges so that you can easily measure lengths of fabric. You won’t realise how useful it is until you use it. 

3. Sew Ready Multipurpose Folding Table

White Sew Ready multipurpose Folding Sewing Table, with a sewing machine and fabric on it

The Sew Ready Foldable Table is being used by many sewists today, beginners and pros alike. To be fair, some non-sewists even use this table as a computer table or general crafting table. This multi-purpose usage is what makes it one of the best choices out there. 

This table is bigger than the others mentioned so far – it’s boasting a 120cm width with 71cm depth. With all that room to work with, it’s definitely worth the extra cash spent on it. 

Don’t worry – this table is easily foldable and can be tucked away in any corner when you’re done with your sewing project. 

One thing I like about this sewing table is that the opening is right at the corner, so you’re able to access the sewing machine easily. The size can fit almost all sewing machines out there, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

4. Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table

Sew Ready Comet Table, white color with black legs

Similar in price to the previous one and also from the same brand is the Sew Ready Comet Table. It’s aesthetically more pleasing and provides an extra storage space under the table. Don’t worry, it’s stable – the bottom shelf is made to withstand any shaking of the table done by your sewing machine. 

It’s also slightly bigger than the previous one, with dimensions of 115cm by 60cm. That’s the full length – the actual top is 91cm in length, but it has an extension to make it bigger. This is perfect for those who don’t have enough space to store it away but still require a bigger working area for sewing. It also makes it a great choice if you’re shopping for a large foldable sewing table.

This table’s main feature is its opening platform that’s designed perfectly for sewists to match the base of their sewing machine to the rest of the table. You don’t have to worry about having your fabric being stuck while you’re sewing – it’s guaranteed to glide effortlessly across. 

Despite being made out of durable high-quality steel to withstand even the heaviest of sewing machines – heavy-duty industrial machines included – it’s extremely lightweight to make storing away a non-hassle. 

5. Arrow Gidget II

Arrow Gidget II table, white, with an insert in the middle for a sewing machine

If you like Arrow’s Gidget I, then you’ll love Arrow Gidget II Table. It still falls under the affordable range of sewing tables out there, yet providing sewists with more than the standard requirements of one. 

Sewing machines up to 18kg can be used with this table, and its space of 60cm by 32cm is ample for any sewing projects – quilting included. The opening at the top of the table is big enough for any size of sewing machines as well. The opening is larger than that of the Gidget I, and the table also has 2 wheels that make it easier for you to move it around to its resting spot even after you fold it.

And yes, of course it’s easily foldable. You don’t have to worry about this table taking up too much space, because it doesn’t. 

6. Arrow 611F Table (Heavyweight)

Arrow 611F Table (Heavyweight)

If you’re worried about the table not being durable enough to handle your sewing machine, then go for this Arrow Heavyweight Sewing Table. As you can guess by the name, this table can withstand heavyweight sewing machines without you worrying about it breaking apart right before your very eyes. 

Of course, this table is foldable just as easily as the rest despite the name. It features collapsible folding legs with dual-wheel design so that you can bring it around easily – even to sewing classes if you wanted!

This sewing table is made specifically to fit the Singer Featherweight perfectly, so if you have that sewing machine as your number one, then it’s a no-brainer to get this. 

7. Studio Designs Sew Ready Hobby and Craft Table

Studio Designs Sew Ready Adjustable Table with Drawers

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sewing table to use your sewing machine on as well as other crafting tasks like drafting, cutting and pinning, then this table is made just for you. This table comes with storage capabilities already inbuilt under it, in the form of slide-out wire mesh drawers. It has adjustable height which makes it suitable for people of varying heights. 

Made from durable material, you won’t have to worry about it not being able to handle your activities. Don’t be put off by the size – this table is easily collapsible and foldable for storage. I highly recommend this table for anyone who’s looking for a large space to work with without compromising house space for it. 

It’s slightly more expensive than the others, but I assure you that you’re going to thank me later when you realize how extremely useful this sewing table is.

8. Kangaroo Kabinets Tasmanian Adjustable Sewing Table

Kangaroo Kabinets Tasmanian Height Adjustable Sewing Table, carrying a sewing machine with green fabric

For those of you who don’t mind spending a bit more cash on a high quality sewing table, Kangaroo Kabinets is one of the more notable brands for sewing equipment. It’s the most expensive one of the list, but its customizable features make it worth it. 

For one, the height is customizable, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a table that won’t suit your comfortable sewing chair and screwing up your posture. The sewing machine opening is also suitable for larger sewing machines.

This table also features steel legs that are durable for any weight, as well as locking industrial coasters that’ll make moving the table around extremely easy. Of course, it’s easily foldable as well and doesn’t take up much space at all when you want to store it away. 

How to choose the best folding sewing table for you:

Available space (especially for small sewing spaces):

While we would all love to have lots of room to sew to our heart’s content, this may just not be feasible sometimes. Especially if you have to share spaces with family and friends, or do not have a dedicated sewing room.

If you have just a little cramped space available for your sewing, you need to keep that in mind when choosing your table. Although the tables are foldable which conserves space by default, it may still be better to go with the smaller sized ones if you have limited space.

Of course, if you have a lot of space available to you, you can pick as big a table as your imagination (and pockets) can carry.

Adjustable Height

If possible, its better to go with one that has adjustable height so that you can set it to the height that’s just perfect for you. especially if you’re either significantly taller or shorter than average.

Also keep in mind that the height of sewing chairs vary. So being adjustable helps you change the height that best suits your sewing chair, for maximum comfort when enjoying your craft.


The ability to move the table around easily comes in very handy if you don’t have a permanent space for your sewing activities. So when its time to do some sewing or crafting, you can quickly wheel it out, do what you want to do, and wheel it back to its resting spot. All without breaking your back or needing someone to assist you lift the table.

So if mobility is important to you, you really need to go with a table with wheels or casters, unless you want to be having regular improvised workout sessions anytime you want to sew, by lifting the table back and forth, :-).


Of course this goes without saying- go with one that fits your budget. You can’t break the bank trying to get a sewing table. However if budget is not a concern, splurging on a nice table that perfectly suits your needs is not a bad idea, as it will serve you well and help you enjoy your sewing for several years to come (and possibly handover to your children and grandchildren, yeah).

Type of projects you’ll like to sew:

If you’ll be sewing mainly small projects like tops, skirts and the like, you may not really need a large table. But if you’ll be doing sewing projects that require handling large amounts of fabric at a time, it’s definitely better to go with a table that allows you ample space to do whatever you want to do.


What kind of table can I use for sewing if I have only a small space available?

If your space is naturally tight, you have 3 options:

  • Get a really small sewing table (not very comfortable)
  • Get a foldable sewing table that can open up to give you working space and fold up to conserve space
  • Get a mobile table that you can easily move around in and out of your sewing space when you need it.

Or any combination of these 3 above.

Are folding tables durable for sewing?

Yes, if you get the right tables, they can be sturdy and serve you well for many years (or decades). They are typically made of wood, plastic or metal, and these materials are designed to last for a long time.

Are folding sewing tables worth it?

Sure! Just make sure you get the right ones, and the ones that suit your purposes best. They are well worth your money, and provide excellent value.


So, which of these would you pick as the perfect folding sewing table for you? Each of them have their own unique qualities as well as advantages and disadvantages, but all of them provide the basic qualities, and more, of a sewing table. So pick one that’s within your budget and fitting your requirements, and go enjoy your sewing and crafting!

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