9 Classy, Fun & Festive Face Masks to Sew


The COVID vaccine is finally here — hip, hip, hooray! Does that mean we can instantly ditch the precautions we’re taking like sanitising our hands and wearing face masks? Unfortunately, not yet. While we have the answer to the world’s biggest problem, we should come to terms that it may be several more months at the minimum before the pandemic starts to subside. 

Even then, face masks wouldn’t be the first to go — and who knows, it might even be here to stay as fashion statements. Why wait out the next couple of months wearing the same ol’ masks in rotation when you can create a few of your own? Particularly, festive ones which you can wear to any and every occasion coming up in this fruitful 2021.

As things start going back to normal — slowly but surely — our inboxes will be full of RSVPs to events of any scale, from birthday parties and weddings to fancy dinners and just mere festive holidays. Get ahead of the game by crafting up a few to select from when the time comes!

I’ve categorised 9festive face masks that you can try your hand at into two categories: classic ones and occasional holiday ones. Read on for our top ideas that’ll definitely get your creativity flowing!

Classic Festive Face Masks

Classic festive face masks are basically exactly as what it sounds like: classic face masks that are ideal to wear with your fancy outfit to an elegant event. You can’t possibly have a mundane, cotton mask as part of your glamorous outfit, can you?

Casual face masks are usually made out of cotton and give off a chill vibe, making it more appropriate for daily use rather than occasion, festive ones. Unlike those, these festive face mask ideas can be worn for an event as well as casual wear — an all-rounder, win-win situation!

In this category, I’ve listed out 5 of my favourite ideas for festive face masks that can be expanded and experimented with how ever you like. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Glitter & Sequin 

First on our list is glitter and sequin face masks. A sprinkle of glitter or a dash of sequins can glam up basically just about anything. These sparkly decorations bring a normal piece of fabric from casual to glamorous instantly.

If you’re more of a crafty person and would like to get your hands dirty (quite literally), try making your own glitter face mask. All you need is fabric, string for your mask, glue and glitter. After you’ve sewn up your basic mask piece, and I would recommend just a one-piece one or a basic two-piece one with the seam in the middle, spread some glue all over the front and sprinkle your glitter on. Wait for it to dry completely before wearing it, though!

If you want to bling your face up without the sticky fingers, try making a sequin mask instead. For this one, it’s extremely easy — easier than the glitter one. Go out (but if you can’t, order online) and get some sequin fabric in any colour of your choice. Then, all you have to do is cut it out into the face mask style that you want and sew it up. And you’re good to go! 

2. Crystals & Rhinestones

If that’s too much bling for you, then I would recommend a crystals mask, or a rhinestone one. When making one of these, you’re not only downscaling your use of the sparkle and shine, but you’re also able to choose which part sparkles and what you want to leave bare.

Since crystals and rhinestones are big enough to position individually, they’re great for a customised look. Arrange them as far from each other to make it less sparkly, or as close to each other for the full dazzle. You can even spell letters out with them!

After making your base mask, you’re going to glue on each rhinestone or crystal individually. Similar to the glitter mask, leave it to dry completely — up to 24 hours. 

If you’re as lazy as me and want instant results, get (or sew your own) plain mask, and buy a type of fabric with rhinestones or crystals already on it. Cut it into the shape that you like, put some strings on it, and wear it over your plain mask — viola, you have your crystal mask! 

The best thing about the second method is that the mask you made can be used with or without the crystals — so you can dress up or dress down with just one mask design!

3. Lace & Brocade

I can understand that some of us are just not the bling type — no bedazzle, no sparkles, no shines. If that describes you perfectly, don’t worry, this next festive face mask is just the one for you. You don’t have to glam up to look fancy — lace and brocade do that for you as well.

With this type of festive mask, you can go wild with your creativity. Various lace and brocade fabrics have different types of print, so depending on which part of the print you use, you’ll get an all-new design. Best of all, no one else will have the same mask as you!

With a lace face mask, you can go as crazy as you like, or as subtle as you like. You could pick a certain area of the mask to cover in lace and leave the rest plain, or you could have the whole mask entirely covered in lace! Simplicity can be good, dramatic can be equally as great.

Brocade is just ever so slightly more restrictive. Most of the time, brocade prints are out there, so it’s not really a matter of picking a part of the pattern but more of choosing the subtlety level of the fabric itself.

4. Silk & Satin

An even simpler design, yet still perfect for any event and fancy occasion, is a plain silk or a plain satin mask. No design printed — basically nothing on it. The fabric speaks for itself.

Silk and satin have always been the fabrics that people use to make fancy dresses. They already have their own shine to it, so they naturally are the fabrics for the occasion.

Even a simple face mask style made from this fabric elevates the mask design. And best of all, you can choose to wear this for an occasion or even daily wear. They’re so comfortable and breathable that you’d be tempted to use one everyday! 

You could also try a different mask style — instead of going for the flat style, go for the pleats. I don’t reckon it’s any different in terms of comfort, but aesthetically it does vary.

5. Bow Ties

This face mask design can be festive and casual, depending on the fabric you use to make from it. A bow tie mask adds an elegant detail to the look, making any outfit more feminine and dainty than it was before. 

Just the design itself will be festive enough, but you can also choose to combine it with any of the above mentioned face mask designs to glam it up even more. Whether it’s using brocade, lace or silk fabric to make it, or adding some rhinestones on, the bow tie mask is an all-rounder design.

Occasional Face Masks

So those are the styles of masks that you can use for any festive occasion — parties, weddings and fancy dinners are just to name a few. 

The next four are for very special occasions spread throughout the year. For those in the extreme holiday and festive mood, this section will definitely pump your creative juices. While you could use any of the above face mask designs for the holidays below, isn’t it better to go all-out and have some fun doing it?

In this category, I’ve highlighted a few holidays that are perfect mask-making opportunities. While in each one I’ll mention a design or two, you can let your imagination go wild with them and create your own!

6. Hearty Valentine

The holiday that’s nearest is Valentine’s Day — who’s excited? It’s okay if you don’t have a Valentine this year; we can still take advantage of this holiday and make Valentines-related masks to lift our spirits!

Make a heart-shaped mask right off the bat! It’s subtle yet dramatic, and downright cute! If you don’t want to wear your whole heart on your sleeve — I mean, face — then you could opt for a more subtle version with tiny heart cut-outs glued on a mask…or whatever idea you have, make it! There’s no right or wrong answer to this.

7. Horror Halloween 

Halloween isn’t for a while, sure, but why not be prepared? What was your halloween costume last year? Mine was a set of sweatshirt and sweatpants…you too?

Now, doesn’t that say we should definitely dress up as something this year? You can basically be anything you want, and instead of having a mask, make a face mask! You have a world of ideas just a few clicks away, but I’ll give you a few ideas to get the ball of creativity rolling.

If you already have a few ideas in mind on what you want to dress up as, then just make a mask to be coherent with the costume. Better yet, think of a costume that needs a mask anyway — say, a nurse or doctor?

If you’re not that big on Halloween to go all-out with a costume, then dip your toes in with a couple of Halloween-themed masks, with felted spider webs and pumpkin glued on a mask. It’s simple, I know, but who doesn’t like simple?

If you’re into a bit of embroidery, try this face mask pattern for Jack Skellington — it’s literally just a plain white face mask that you can whip up in no time, and a few thick black stitches for its mouth and nostrils. Taa-daa!

8. Birthday Bash

Whether it’s your birthday or your friend’s, someone has got to have a birthday party lined up. Who doesn’t want to celebrate growing a year older. Better yet, who doesn’t like being showered with attention and presents?

If you’re thinking of throwing a party this year, continue your precautionary practices like wearing a mask, especially since it involves a group of people. What will make your party unique is if you sew up some special birthday face masks!

Have the star of the show — if it’s your party, then it’s you — wear a mask that says “birthday boy” or “birthday girl”. Everyone else’s mask could say “birthday squad”. Goals, am I right?

If you don’t know how to go about getting printed masks, there are loads of ways to do it. You can embroider the words on, use the rhinestones or crystals method we mentioned earlier, or have it printed.

9. Cheery Christmas

Last but definitely not least, we have got to have a festive face mask for Christmas. I know it was only a couple of weeks ago, but I personally am already excited for next Christmas! There are tons of Christmas masks that you can make — from having Santa’s beard plastered on the front of the face mask to repeated pine tree or gingerbread man prints all over. 

If you don’t want to go over the top, or if you’re just dipping your toes into making a Christmas face mask, try a simple design like snowflakes. You can never go wrong with having a winter sparkle on your face (mask). Experiment with repetition — do you want just one flake or more than one, and if it’s more, do you want them in various sizes or the same? There are endless combinations! 


With these 9 festive and fun face mask designs, I’m confident you’re going to make more than that — what can go wrong with having a few dozens of festive face masks lying around the house? Get your sewing and crafting skills on!

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