9 Lovely Christmas Gift Ideas That You Can Sew Quickly

This year has been a pretty…unique start to the new decade. And while most of the year might’ve been a bore for some of us, we all still have a choice to end it with a bang. Christmas is creeping up, and this holiday isn’t just about decorations and hot chocolate — it’s also about presents!

Speaking of, have you gotten gifts for your loved ones yet? Clock’s ticking, so you better get on that soon! Unlike those old decorations that we can just bring out from the closet, presents are another thing — you can’t really give someone a second-hand item, can you? 

I have some great news for you — we don’t have to fork out so much money to make this year’s Christmas another memorable one, especially when it comes to gifts. Just make them! Regardless if you’re a beginner or an expert at sewing, these 9 Christmas gift ideas are easy and fun to sew. Not only value for money, but they also add a special touch to your gift.

1. Tote Bag

Credit: Rishahb Jain on Unsplash

Functional, fashionable, and easy to sew — a tote bag is the perfect gift that you can give just about literally anyone. There’s always a function for a tote bag, whether it’s a bag to wear out daily or a shopper bag. 

Depending on what material the tote bag is, this fashion accessory can elevate or tone down an outfit. Want one for a formal event? Sew one using silk. Need one to carry your laptop around? A canvas tote bag would do the trick.

While you could look up for a tote bag tutorial, there really is no need. It doesn’t even have to be a specific size — it’s all up to you. 

For those intermediate and expert sewers out there, if sewing a tote bag is as easy as making eggs in the morning, then why not challenge yourself with a different type of bag — perhaps, a moon bag? It’s trendy, you have to admit. 

2. Home Slippers

Credit: Artem Kniaz on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but I love pulling out warm, cosy home slippers as soon as the cold weather comes around. It’s the only time of the year when my bunny slippers are valid and not made fun of — so why not make it a Christmas gift for someone you know?

If you know someone in your life who’s like me — or if you’re like me — then get on sewing your own pair of lounge footwear. For the ultimate comfort factor, try your hand at fleece sherpa boot slippers; you might be thinking of the ones you wear out, but there are also ones you wear around the house.

Not really into that? Or have a friend that’s more of the slip-ons? What about some velvet slippers? I have to say, they look pretty glamorous — kind of like those luxury lounge footwear. You can switch out velvet with anything — fur, leather, cotton, whatever that suits your fancy.

3. Pouch Set

Credit: dog.breath on Flickr

I love a good ol’ matching set, so what’s better than a pouch set? One fabric, made into difference sizes and possibly even shapes. The word “pouch” is such a broad term — it can be a sort of purse, a make-up bag or a small bag — and that’s the beauty of it.

The type of pouch set you make varies with the material you use; patterned, cotton pouches are more feminine and the sort you gift to your crafty pals; a leather pouch set is like a luxury gift for a special someone. If you’re not familiar with this type of sewing, try simple pouches like a box pouch to begin with — they make great cosmetic bags. 

Be creative with what kind of pouch set you want to give your loved ones as a Christmas gift — every personality has some use for a pouch set.

4. Mittens & Muffler Set

Credit: Jo Zimmy on Unsplash

What did I say about sets? You can never go wrong with them. For your fashionable pal — and like I said, even for yourself — make them a set of mittens and mufflers for their Christmas gift. You could make them a Christmas mittens and muffler set, but you can also sew one using a fabric that they can use even after Christmas is over — say, a plain colour of a classic pattern.

If you’re thinking about using the extra materials lying around the house, or converting an old sweater into a set, you most definitely can do that! It’s not really second-hand in that sense, is it? Just make sure you give it a thorough wash with the best washing liquid you have — who knows how long that sweater was at the back of your closet.

You might be wanting to just gift a muffler — mittens might take too much time — that’s fine too. Why not try a faux fur scarf? It’s a level up from a standard wool scarf and it elevates your winter wardrobe!  

5. Rope Accessories

Credit: Elena Putina on Unsplash

This next idea is one that’s intrigued me the most: rope accessories. Rope isn’t just for tying knots and securing things together — you can make them into fashion or home pieces. There is sewing involved, though it’s not the only technique involved in making most rope accessories. 

When I say accessories, I’m not just talking about fashion accessories like bags — while it can also be made into that — there are also baskets, placemats and coasters that can also be considered. There are so many things you can make from rope and use them, you won’t even believe it.

Another type of rope accessories, specifically, is the macrame rope bag. In my opinion, they’re extremely fashionable and so trendy. It’s not really the kind of style you wear out for winter, but hey, there’s no fault in gifting a summer accesory as a Christmas gift — it’s never too early to prepare for the sun, sand and sea!

6. Kimono Robe

Credit: Lutina Lu on Flickr

You might think that a kimono robe is a fairly difficult — fair enough, the Japanese traditional garment has such a long history and craft that one might get scared off by the idea — but it’s actually super easy! In fact, if you’re efficient enough, you might be able to sew a kimono robe in under an hour!

Who doesn’t want to be snuggled up by a silky robe in the morning or after a shower — it’s like a hug in a clothing! If silk or satin fabrics are a bit out of your budget, don’t worry; in Japan, cotton kimonos are huge, so there’s no harm in sewing up a cotton kimono robe! And way, you can even wear it out rather than just around the house (if you dare to).

7. Headwear

Credit: Anita Huizinga on Unsplash

Just like how the mittens and muffler set is a good idea for a Christmas gift to sew as it keeps your hands and neck warm, keep your head warm too! Sew up a couple of beanies and hand it out as a small Christmas gift for your group of friends — matching beanies is a thing, right?

Take your pick from the various types of beanies — you can go for the standard knitted beanie (but that doesn’t have much sewing included — more of knitting), a slouchie beanie hat, or even opt for the style with ear flaps! Alternatively, switch it entirely and make earmuffs — extremely cute!

You could make it as a set — make a scarf or mittens with the same fabric. I’m saying it again: everyone loves a good matching set. 

8. Throw Pillows

Credit: Content Pixie on Unsplash

This Christmas gift idea is perfect for someone you know who just got a new place — and doubles as a housewarming gift — or just loves home decorations. There’s nothing easier than sewing up a throw pillow, and there are a few ways you can go about that as well.

The thing about gifting throw pillows as a Christmas gift is that it can be as simple or as elaborate in design as you want, customised to the person you’re giving to. So if you know someone really well and what they like, this is your chance to show them that you’ve been paying attention to what they’ve been telling you about themselves.

9. Pyjamas Set

Credit: Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

Last but definitely not least — and in my opinion, is perfect for the times we’re currently in now (with the global pandemic and all) — is a pyjamas set. This year is the most we’ve been at home, whether it’s because you’re working from home or your country’s lockdown. We’ve ditched the fancy clothes and opt for comfy loungewear. What’s a better loungewear than pyjamas? 

Because pyjamas are comfort wear, they don’t have to fit perfectly, so you don’t really need to know the person’s exat measurements — just a guesstimate. And when it comes to design and pattern, the sky’s your limit! Make a Christmas set with red and greed plaids, or a fleece one — whatever tickles your fancy, and whatever style the person you’re gifting to prefers.


Did you think about any of your loved ones for any of the Christmas gift ideas? These 9 sewable gifts are so flexible that it could be for anyone and everyone — and if you like them so much, just make one for yourself! Christmas is about giving, even to yourself.

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