10 Best Sewing Chairs 2022

When you start sewing for the first time or setting up your sewing room, getting the best sewing chair probably isn’t the top thing on your mind. There are so many other things to consider, it’s easy to forget about the necessities. You have your sewing machine and your chosen fabric. Your scissors are in easy reach, along with your thread. Even the pattern for your project is ready and waiting. What else is there?

It isn’t until you sit down in an old, plastic garden chair you borrowed from the patio and your butt starts groaning after a few hours that you realize you need a new, far more comfortable seat. While your old patio seat serves its purpose for weekend barbeques, it doesn’t quite meet expectations when you’re several hours into your sewing project and your hunched spine is screaming at you.

For the sake of your back and your sewing hobby, it’s best to invest in a proper chair to go with your sewing table. A comfortable ergonomic sewing chair that will adequately support you and any future projects you chose to do. The difference between a good chair and the one you’ve just been managing is as clear as night and day, you’ll feel the difference once you settle into the chair.

We’ve looked for the best chairs across all types of budgets, from the pocket friendly ones to the more premium priced ones. We’ve arranged the list starting from the more budget ones to the more premium ones.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary of our top picks and which sewing chair is best for what purpose. You can click through if you want to check them out on Amazon immediately, or scroll down further to read our thoughts on them.

But if you want to dive into the meaty details, let’s go straight in.

Without further ado, let’s look at the top sewing chairs of 2022.

1. Bowthy Armless Office Chair

Black Bowthy Armless Chair- one of the best chairs for sewing

Although not specifically made for sewing, the Bowthy office chair makes for a nice, inexpensive, good quality sewing room chair.

With an ergonomic design, a weight capacity of 250lbs, and five caster wheels, it covers all the major features you want in a sewing chair. From long-lasting comfort all the way to ease of movement. 

The adjustable seat ranges from 15.3 inches to 19.3 and even comes in various colors to match your sewing den’s aesthetic.

As the cheapest chair on this list, it’s a great budget option.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable seat: 15.3” to 19.3”
  • 360o swivel
  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • High quality sponge filling, surrounded in upholstery fabric
  • Arched backrest for lumbar support


  • Cheap
  • Ergonomic design
  • Several colors available


  • The budget option may mean it’s not as hardy as more expensive models

2. Amazon Basics Office Chair-

(Best if you’re on a budget)

Amazon Basics Chair

Amazon Basics offers a comfortable and affordable choice for the next option on the list. Like the others, this chair has a 250lb weight capacity and 360o swivel. The contoured seat cushion alleviates pressure on your legs and back, while the durable fabric makes for a long lasting addition to your sewing room.

Finally, the pneumatic seat adjustment (18” to 22”) allows the chair to fit most sewing tables. Although it is delivered disassembled, the easy-to-follow instructions mean assembly is a breeze. You’ll be sat, sewing away, in no time at all. 

Key Features:

  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • Pneumatic seat adjustment: 18” to 22”
  • 360o swivel
  • Contoured seat cushions
  • Easy to assemble


  • Budget friendly
  • Durable fabric


  • Non-ergonomic design

3. Sadie Task Desk Chair

Sadie Task Chair- a black armless chair

For sewists with a tighter budget, the Sadie Task Desk Chair is a quick and easy fix. Covered in a hard-wearing fabric, designed for intensive use, this sewing machine chair is great for all those sewing projects you’ve got piling up in the corner.

With five caster wheels, you don’t even have to leave the padded seat to scoot your way from one side of your sewing room to the other.

Key Features:

  • 350o swivel
  • Smooth-rolling caster wheels
  • 3 year warranty
  • Pneumatic seat adjustment: 15.9” to 20.3”
  • 250lbs weight capacity


  • Budget friendly
  • Covered with a durable fabric for intensive use


  • Non-ergonomic design
  • No lumbar support

4. HON Volt Armless Task Chair

Hon Volt armless Task chair- Black color with adjustable height

Designed as an ergonomic chair, the HON Network Task chair is a solid option if you’re looking for a comfortable sewing chair. Its a good chair for you if you sew for long hours, as its designed to support you for long sewing hours.

With an adjustable seat, most people can fit comfortably onto the chair, and this also ensures the chair can fit at a variety of sewing tables with ease. That said however, the chair may not go low enough if you’re on the short side in terms of height, and its better suited for those who are average height to tall. And it’s also a great chair for large or heavy sewers due to its sturdy build.

The five-point star base and caster wheels grant you easy maneuverability and the 360o swivel allows you move around easily, so you can turn from side to side smoothly to pick things at any angle you choose, or switch from the sewing machine in from of you to the cutting surface on your right or left side. 

Along with the padded seat and backrest to ensure comfort during your sewing-time, this chair also comes with a tilt-lock mechanism to enable a more personalized seating style. You also have the option of adding arms if you prefer to have them.

Key Features:

  • Tilt-lock
  • Pneumatic seat adjustment
  • 360o swivel
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • 250lbs weight capacity


  • The chair is durable and the material does not get easily dirty or stained
  • Great customer support
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • May not fit well if you’re short.

5. Reliable SewErgo 100SE Ergonomic Task Chair

(Best chair without wheels)

Reliable SewErgo ergonomic Task chair-grey armless chair without wheels

An ergonomic sewing chair, the Reliable SewErgo offers a more expensive but environmentally friendly option. Made out of 62% recycled polyester, this chair is GreenGuard certified, comfortable and adjustable between 16 to 21 inches.

The gliders offer a steadier option for sewists who aren’t as fond of the constant movement offered by wheels but it’s not, by any means, a bad selling point. You can switch the gliders out with caster wheels if maneuverability is a must.

With a maximum weight limit of 250lbs and a waterfall seat edge to relieve pressure on your legs, the Reliable SewErgo is a great option for lengthier sewing projects.

Key Features:

  • GreenGuard certified
  • 62% Recycled polyester
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Cushion is contoured to enhance comfort
  • Adjustable seat: 16” to 21”


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ergonomic design


  • Wheels are sold separately

6. iCoudy Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Black iCoudy ergonomic chair

The iCoudy ergonomic chair might be the heaviest option on this list but it also holds the greatest weight capacity at 300 lbs. While it isn’t cheap, the price is a nice mid-range compared to other choices on this list.

With built-in lumbar support and a mesh backrest allowing for breathability, this chair offers a wide range of movement, from a 360o swivel to a rocking mechanism with tilt tension. It even comes with foldable armrests just in case you ever need them for smaller sewing projects.

Last, but not least, the expanded seat size gives you extra space to work and the waterfall seat edge makes this chair perfect for sitting comfortably for hours on end.

Key Features:

  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • High resilience, thick cushion and American-made mesh fabric
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Foldable armrests
  • Expanded seat size 20.9”W x 19.7”D


  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Foldable armrests


  • Heavy

7. Bigroof Ergonomic Chair-

(best for large or tall people)

Bigroof ergonomic chair- best sewing chair for tall people

If you’re tall, large or heavy, this tall sewing chair is designed with you in mind. It can support weights up to 400lbs. Its seat is wide and spacious, perfect for those with a sizeable derriere that would appreciate some space to relax comfortably. Compared to the other great sewing chairs on this list, this chair takes the prize for the ability to carry the heaviest weights, and it performs very well while at it.

It also has armrests to support your arms, which can come in useful to rest your arms a bit if you’re sewing for a long time. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, both the seat itself (17.9” to 21.9”) and the armrests (24” to 26.6”) are adjustable. 

The chair comes with built in lumbar support to keep your back happy even when sewing for long hours, with an added massage function that works well for most people. It has a very well padded seat cushion for maximum comfort, and, combined with the 90o to 120o recline ability, makes this chair perfect for those moments where you need a break from your project.

With a weight capacity of 400lbs, this is one of the hardier chairs on this list and offers a breathable mesh fabric for those blisteringly warm sewing days.

Key Features:

  • Designed to support heavy people
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Adjustable armrests: 24” to 26.6”
  • Adjustable seat: 17.9” to 21.9”
  • Lumbar support


  • Ergonomic design
  • 400lbs weight capacity


  • Armrests may be obtrusive for larger sewing projects

8. Etasker Ergonomic Chair-

(best for back pain)

Etasker ergonomic chair- black chair with arms and wheels
black chair with arms

This is a chair that is specifically designed for ergonomic support, especially for those that tend to have back pain. The chair provides great lumbar support, as its designed with a nice S curve that naturally fits into the curvature of the spine, providing support at all the right places. This chair could help relieve back pain by providing the appropriate support the back needs, especially when you’re sewing for prolonged periods of time.

It also comes with wheels and allows you to swivel around 360 degrees for maximum mobility, so you can glide across your sewing room with ease. The adjustable seat allows you to set the height anywhere between 18.9 inches to 23.6, so it works well for people of all sizes. It also has nice cushy cushioned arm rests, that complete the luxurious feeling.

It’s easy to assemble, and can be put together within 10-15 minutes in most cases.

However for some people, the back support may be a bit too prominent, giving the feeling of pushing into the back and reducing how far back you can sit in the chair.

Key Features:

  • Natural S-curved back support for optimal back health
  • Hydraulic adjustable seat
  • Thick cushions for maximum comfort
  • Smooth wheels for extra stability


  • Ergonomic design
  • Best chair for back pain


  • Back support may be too prominent for some people.

9. Office Star Sculptured Chair

Office star sculptured chair

The Office Star chair is a sturdy chair with thick cushions and padding, that gives a comfy feel when you sit on it. It comes without arms, with wheels (casters) so you can move freely, and has smooth pneumatic adjustable height as well as adjustable tilt, so you can set it to fit your preferred position. Its easy to assemble and can be put together with relatively little hassles.

Its made of durable fabric and should last you for a long time. It’s very comfortable, and works well for both young and elderly people, big and small, because of its combined features of simplicity, sturdiness, ease of assembly and ease of use.

However, the seat may be short for some people, especially tall people, so if you’re on the taller end of the spectrum, you may want to skip this and go for the Bigroof Ergonomic chair I reviewed above.

Key Features:

  • Well padded back and seat cushion
  • Adjustable recline and pneumatic seat adjustment
  • Breathable material


  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • May be short for some people

10. Flash Furniture Ergonomic Task Chair

Black Flash Furniture Ergonomic Chair with contoured seat

Sleek and pristine, the Flash Furniture Ergonomic Task Chair offers a fully customizable option for your sewing room. With seat, back and tilt adjustment, you can find your perfect sitting position and settle into your sewing project with ease.

The pillow-top cushioning, contoured seat and waterfall seat edge allow for greater comfort while you stitch away the hours at your sewing machine. 

This is one of the smaller designs on this list so taller sewists may find this one uncomfortable.

Key Features:

  • Seat, backrest and tilt adjustment
  • 360o swivel
  • Contoured seat for greater comfort
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Pillow-top cushioning


  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable in three ways to allow for personalization
  • Sleek, modern design


  • Heavy: 35lbs
  • Taller sewists may find it uncomfortable

Bonus recommendations: Best Sewing chairs with storage

For those that like wooden chairs or sewing chairs that have inbuilt storage in them, we’ve added 2 bonus recommendations for your viewing pleasure. They are a bit pricey, but they are well worth the money. As you’ll find out if you do get them.

Bonus 1: Arrow 7000B Wood Sewing and Craft Chair

(Best wooden chair for sewing)

Colorful Arrow 7000B Wooden chair, with storage space under the seat for storing sewing notions and accessories

Our first bonus option for this list is the Arrow 7000B. Designed solely with the sewist in mind, this chair features an under-the-seat storage caddy for your sewing knickknacks and has a cute sewing themed cover. With a range of wood types to choose from, you’re bound to find one that fits your unique aesthetic.

Unlike the previous chairs on the list, this one requires little to no assembly but it has the downside of no adjustable seat so you’ll have to be doubly sure it fits your sewing table.

Key Features:

  • Under seat storage
  • No assembly required
  • Wooden base comes in various colors
  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • Designed for sewists


  • Extra storage space
  • Caster wheels for easy maneuverability


  • The seat isn’t adjustable
  • No lumbar support
  • Expensive

Bonus 2: SEW Now SEW Wow Sewing Chair

(best chair with storage)

SEW Now SEW Wow Hydraulic Chair

Our second bonus choice, and for those who loved the last option but it didn’t quite tick all the boxes, is the sewist’s dream chair. Available in a range of colors and designs, the SEW Now SEW Wow sewing chair will fit any sewing room. It’s a little more expensive than the Arrow 7000B but you get a lot more personalizable features for your money.

Although it’s also one of the heavier seats, it offers a sizable storage caddy underneath the cushion for your sewing notions. It also has an adjustable seat for heights between 18.5 and 22.5 inches, to fit all kinds of users.

While not specifically designed with ergonomics in mind, the backrest offers a substantial amount of lumbar support and is even adjustable (between 28.5 to 32.5 inches) if you happen to be shorter or taller than average.

Key Features:

  • Storage space under the seat
  • Sewing decal pattern
  • Adjustable seat: 18.5” to 22.5”
  • Adjustable backrest: 28.5” to 32.5”
  • 250lbs weight capacity


  • Extra storage space
  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Multiple fabric patterns available


  • Expensive

How to choose the best sewing chair for you:

Now we’ve looked at the options available, you’re probably feeling more than a little daunted. With so many chairs out there, how do you know which is the best for you?

Apart from being in good working order, your sewing chair should also tick the following boxes: 


There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a sewing project and having to quit because your back hurts or your legs have gone to sleep. Ergonomic chairs are specially designed for comfort and prolonged use. They hold you in the best position to put the least amount of strain on your body, giving you the ability to focus solely on your latest pattern..

Decent Backrest

Perhaps you can’t quite stretch your budget to an ergonomic chair but there are plenty of cheaper options you can choose from. Make sure your cheap alternative has a decent backrest. Even if it isn’t ergonomic, it’ll support your posture as you work, negating the need for uncomfortable slouching while you sew.

Height adjustable

If you don’t have a dedicated sewing space, or perhaps a friend wants you to teach them to sew, an adjustable chair is essential. Moving your sewing machine from one table to another is great in theory but you might find your trusty chair is too tall or far too short. As for your friend, if they happen to be a different height than you, they may find it hard to fit at your sewing machine without adjusting the chair.

Padded Seat

Wooden chairs are great. Sleek and polished, they make perfect additions to the dining room for family meals. There is, however, a reason why office chairs always have padded seats. If you’ve ever sat in a wooden chair for an extended period – say, long enough to complete your latest sewing project – you’ll understand. A perfect addition to your decor or not, they really aren’t agreeable for your delicate derriere.


Depending on your chosen patterns and things you sew, the amount of fabric you need can vary. For small pieces, having a chair with arms is fine. But, for the fanatic who sews all manner of creations on their beloved machine, armless is the way to go. If you’re not pinned in place by the armrests, you have far more room to wrestle with reams of fabric.


For most people, wheels are essential. Not only do they allow you to roll the chair around the room instead of carrying it, you don’t have to leave your seat to retrieve something from another cabinet. Make sure, however, the wheels of your chosen chair are a good design. The best kind works well on both wooden and carpeted floors.

However, for those who prefer the stability of chairs that don’t have wheels, that’s a valid preference too. And we’ve got you covered in our recommendations above.


Are sewing chairs and office chairs interchangeable?

Yes, you can interchange them if you want. Though there are some subtle differences.

While sewing chairs are designed specifically to match the requirements of sewists, (e.g having storage space for your sewing notions), they also tend to be more expensive. Office chairs can offer a cheaper alternative and, provided you keep in mind the key features you require from your sewing chair, can be just as comfortable as seats designed for sewing.

Remember too, that some office chairs are also designed for long periods spent sitting at a desk. If you’re looking for a durable, cheap option, an ergonomic office chair is the way to go.

Should a sewing chair have armrests?

There’s a debate about armrests. Some sewists think they get in the way, others like the support they offer. In the end, whether or not your chair has armrests is personal preference. While armrests can be useful, they can also block the movement of your arms as you maneuver fabric through your sewing machine. Particularly with the larger projects.

If you’re really not sure about whether armrests are right for you, buy a chair model that comes with foldable rests. Some brands even offer removable armrests so, if you find they don’t fit your sewing table, you can always remove them later.

Are chairs difficult to assemble?

Buying chairs online means you lose out on some of the convenience of purchasing an already assembled chair from a physical store. Fear not though, despite the chairs you buy online coming in bits and pieces, they also arrive with detailed instructions to allow you to build your own chair in no time. Along with the detailed instructions, the chairs are usually delivered with the tools and fastenings to enable you to assemble it without difficulty.

If the tools aren’t there, they usually require a simple hex-key. 

What’s the best way to sit at a sewing machine?

If you can only afford one of the cheaper desk chairs, there are ways to avoid the issues plaguing long-term sewists.

  1. Take regular breaks. Sure, it’s irritating to stop and start, especially when you get to a tricky bit in your sewing project and you’re excited to see the finished product. Your back, however, will thank you for the break. Plus, with frequent fresh starts, you might find the hassles your having with your sewing machine seem a little less bothersome.
  1. Adjust your chair so you sit with both feet flat on the floor and so the backrest is at 90o to the seat. Your forearms should also rest comfortably on the sewing machine as you work to alleviate stress on your shoulders and back.

Remember as well that buying an ergonomic chair with built-in lumbar support and contoured seat cushions is all well and good, but even the most expensive chairs will feel uncomfortable if they’re not used correctly. 

Building healthy habits, especially for the longer sewing projects, is essential for your comfort.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of chairs available for purchase for all manner of jobs and hobbies. For sewing, in particular, you can’t beat an ergonomic backrest and adjustable seat, along with space to move around. 

If you keep in mind the key features your preferred chair must include, and carefully go through this our updated list of best sewing chairs in 2022, you’ll surely find one that is perfect for you. And not only will your new chair support you with ease and make your future projects more enjoyable, your back and neck will thank you for it.

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