Best Sewing Kits 2021 (for Beginners and Professionals)

If you are looking for the perfect sewing kit then you are at the right place. I have put together a list of sewing kits that would satisfy different needs and sewists in different stages of their sewing journey. Before choosing a sewing kit, make sure to keep in mind the stage of sewing expertise you are at and what you need it for.

Some of the sewing kits on this list are very basic while others are a little more advanced.

However, if you are buying a sewing kit for long term sewing you may want to buy more than one of the options on the list. I say this because one of the sewing kit sets is only for measurement and cutting cloth.

Most of the kits here have the regular sewing supplies in a neat box or pouch. Nonetheless, I have also included a sewing machine kit and a few recommendations on how to build your own sewing kit.

Best Sewing Kit For Beginners, With Basic Sewing Supplies

Kyelsee Wooden Sewing Kit Box Basket, with Beginner Sewing Kit Accessories

Kyelsee Wooden Sewing Kit Box Basket, with Beginner Sewing Kit Accessories

Every sewist should have these supplies and this sewing kit comes with a lovely wooden box too.  

This is a quick list of contents:

  • sewing thread in 24 colours
  • 1 extra white and 1 black thick thread
  • assortment of sewing needles
  • seam ripper
  • buttons
  • needle threader tools
  • thimble, measuring tape
  • thread clippers
  • scissors
  • thimble
  • needle cushion
  • seam ripper


It is an amazing assortment of the basic sewing supplies every sewing kit should have. You’ll be able to mend almost any seam with this kit at home. I love the scissors. The box has two wooden dividers that make three compartments. Everything fits neatly inside and is completely accessible.


There are no bobbins so it will not be a great purchase if you are buying it for your sewing machine. I found it nice and useful but a little small, but I do have too much sewing equipment.

Best Sewing Kit For Beginners (pouch)

LoDrid Sewing Kit

LoDrid Sewing Kit, one of the best portable sewing kits with a pouch

Price: $17.99

  • Colour: Dusty Rose
  • Material: Flannel
  • Here is a list of the contents:
    • 12 colors threads for sewing
    • 30pcs sewing needles
    • 1 needle threader
    • 1 scissors
    • 1 measuring tape
    • 1 thimble, 1 untwist tool
    • 40pcs sewing pins


This pouch comes in four colours, black, green (that looks like turquoise), bright pink and dusty rose as in the image.

This is a great sewing bag for basic sewing supplies. It would make a wonderful gift for beginners and pro sewists too.

Honestly, as an organiser junky, I love all the sewing kits on this list. Furthermore, I have put three or four for beginners so you can choose the style of storage your sewing kit comes in.

It is small enough to easily store away or use for travelling.


This sewing kit is very basic and small. If you are looking for lots of space for all your sewing supplies then you may want to skip this one.

Best Beginner Sewing Kit With Measurement Accessories:

EverSewn Ultimate Sewing Starter Kit

EverSewn Ultimate Sewing Starter Kit- great sewing kit for beginners

  • Made by: EverSewn
  • Here is a list of the contents:
    • 9-1/2Inch titanium Black Tailor scissor
    • Scratch resistant cutting mat
    • 45mm rotary cutter with ergonomic handle
    • Magnetic pincushion
    • 6 X 12 ruler
    • Craft clips
    • Tape measure
    • Seam ripper
    • Safety pins
    • Glass head pins
    • Thread snipper
    • Iron vanishing pen
    • Sewing gauge
    • Water erasable pen


I have not found the ultimate sewing kit online, yet, but I do think this is a must-have sewing kit for beginners. Professional sewists will already have all the supplies but if you want to replace your old sewing equipment this one is a great place to start. It has all the basic sewing supplies for measurement and cutting material.


The supplies come in a cardboard box so it does not come is its own fancy storage pouch.

Sewing Kit With A Mini Electric Machine For Beginners:

BrightlyLit Sewing KIt with handheld sewing machine and sewing accessories

BrightlyLit Sewing KIt, containing a handheld sewing machine and sewing accessories

  • Made by: BRIGHTLYLIT
  • Colour: Black
  • Machine material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.3 x 4.4 inches
  • 1 wooden storage box
  • 1 handheld sewing machine
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 fabric scissors
  • 1 yarn thread cutter
  • 1 sewing seam rippers
  • 1 pincushion
  • 12 rolls of polyester sewing threads
  • 12 metal bobbins and sewing threads
  • 40 straight pins sewing
  • 30 assorted hand sewing needles
  • 26 buttons
  • 10 safety pins
  • 2 sewing thimbles
  • 2 needle threaders
  • 1 soft tape measure
  • 1 spare Needle


This lovely portable hand sewing machine is great for beginners. As a pro sewist, I’d love to have this machine on hand; even though I have more than one standard sewing machine at home. I think if we had to say “the ultimate sewing kit” this one would be number one. It has all the basic sewing supplies as well as a mini machine. The scissors are lovely and wonderfully sharp too.


There are only 12 thread spools which for me is not a downside as I’d rather pick my own thread colours.

Beginners Sewing Kit With A Portable Sewing Machine:

MagicFly Sewing kit with portable sewing machine

MagicFly Sewing kit with portable sewing machine

Price: $75.99

  • Made by: Magicfly
  • Colour: Blue
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (and recharged/runs on electricity)
  • The machine and sewing specifications:
    • there is a reverse sewing option
    • 12 different stitch designs
    • 3 replaceable presser feet
    • sewing buttons
    • sewing zippers
    • invisible zippers
    • a complete set of thread spools with bobbins
    • tape measure
    • expandable table extension
    • 3 types of needles for materials of different thickness
    • threading instruction printed on the machine


It is an affordable sewing kit with a sewing machine. If you are scraped for money, a beginner sewist or want to buy a beginner sewist a complete sewing kit then I highly recommend this kit.

It’s small, lightweight and easy to use. The machine has a lot of functionality for a small sewing machine. You get the very basic threads with your purchase. Definitely a great sewing kit for any beginner.


I’d say this is not a good buy for seasoned sewists. I would prefer to spend a little more money on a genuine Singer sewing machine and buy the sewing supplies separately. Because the machine is battery charged, it will not have a longer life than two years. Keep this in mind, if you want to buy it for the long run this is not the machine for you.

Best Travel sewing Kit With All The Basic Sewing Supplies For Adults

Vellostar Premium Sewing KIT for Adults

Vellostar Premium Sewing KIT- best sewing kit for Adults

Price: $19.97

  • Easy-to-Use Sewing Supplies
  • Complete Needle & Thread Kit for Small Fixes at Home & On-The-Go,
  • Beginners Sewing Thread Kit for Emergency Repairs
  • Multiple Color Threads (38 XL)
  • Large Eye Needles
  • Buttons
  • Scissors, Measuring Tape
  • Threaders, Seam Ripper
  • Pin Cushion

This sewing kit is great for any adult sewist. The best part about this sewing kit is that it comes in a zipper case that makes it easy to store and travel with. Whether you’re on a trip or you are at home you’ll be able to find all the basic necessities for sewing up any seam.

Although, I do love the compact nature of this sewing kit I would use it for travelling. It is easy to pack and would be just the thing you need for emergency mending.


It is easy to use and keep everything organised. you can have all the basic sewing supplies in one place. All the basic sewing equipment like thread, needles, scissors measuring tape are inside the pouch. What I loved the most is the elastic bands that hold all your thread spools in place. So your sewing supplies are always tidy.


There are only three fabric clips and the very basic colours of thread. This sewing kit is good for travelling and beginner sewists. I would not recommend it for professional sewists.

Best Professional Sewing Kit (great for a sewing machine too)

SINGER Sew-It-Goes-255 Piece Kit

SINGER Sew-It-Goes-255 Piece Kit

  • Three removable drawers
  • Clear translucent material makes it easy to see what’s inside
  • Pincushion
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • 42 spools of thread


This is a metallic, embroidery thread, sewing kit. It comes in three variations. You can get a regular sewing kit that comes in the same organiser with normal cotton thread. This is definitely a more professional sewing kit and the thread spools are made for a sewing machine. You can use it as a regular sewing kit as well.

The kit comes with needles that are specifically made for metallic thread.

The best part for me is that it has lots of space for all my threads. Some of the draws come all the way out so you can use them like trays. I think this is a great purchase for professional or more advanced sewists.


Call me old fashioned but I do prefer wooden boxes to plastic boxes, although, with the transparency, you can easily scan the box for what you want.

Best Sewing Kit With Sewing Machine For Professional Sewists:

SINGER MX60 Sewing Machine With Bonus Accessory Kit

SINGER | MX60 Sewing Machine With Bonus Accessory Kit

  • Made by: Singer
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Metal (the inside body is made in metal and the covering outer parts are plastic)
  • Powered by electricity

If you plan on buying a sewing kit for the long haul then you should consider buying an authentic Singer sewing machine with an accompanying set of sewing supplies. Sadly, Singer does not sell their sewing kits with their machines but don’t worry! I have a complete set of sewing supplies that will be perfect for your machine right below. If you want to look into the best Singer sewing machines you can buy check out our list.


Singer sewing machines can be used for all kinds of sewing and honestly, when you buy a Singer sewing machine it is a lifetime investment.

This model has 57 stitch applications. The stitch length and width is already set so you can do regular sewing as soon as you get your machine. You can sew buttonholes (the bane of every sewist). There is an LED light for extra visibility.


The electricity is 110V which is normal for the USA and Canada but if you live in other parts of the world this might be a problem.

Sewing Thread Kit With Matching Bobbins:

Ilauke Sewing Kit

ilauke Sewing Kit

This is a set of 25 thread spools. You get the matching bobbins which are already filled and ready to use. The thread is 100% polyester. Don’t worry about the bobbins fitting into your sewing machine because they are a standard size and this specific set can be used for Singer sewing machines


What is a sewing kit?

A sewing kit is any type of storage (like a pouch, basket or box) with the basic sewing supplies inside.

What every sewing kit should have?

Thread spools of different colours, needles, scissors, chalk, threader, tape measure and more.

What is in a beginner sewing kit?

Thread spools, scissors, needles, chalk, tape measure, thimble, buttons and a pincushion. You should be able to sew on buttons and mend seams with any beginner sewing kit.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this post useful. There is a mix of different types of sewing kits for you to choose from according to your own preferences. When I buy any sewing equipment I try to get the best quality. Let’s be honest it takes time and effort to sew, so choose wisely.

If you need any help choosing your next sewing supplies or whatever you think you need, feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

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