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There is a wide variety of websites and blogs on sewing, with tutorials on almost every kind of sewing project you can imagine online. From large established sites run by companies to individual blogs by the sweet woman next door. We put together this list to make it easier for you to wade through all the noise and find just the sewing blog that perfectly suits you. You should be able to find the blog that best suits your needs and wants. Whether you want to sew your own clothes or make a quick crafty gift for a friend, you can find suggestions for sites you’ll love here.

Of course, that is in addition to all the great sewing tutorials, quick and easy sewing projects, and top notch sewing content you’ll find right here at Sewing and Craft Club, which is quickly growing to become one of the best sewing sites in the world.

In this article, we’ll look at other great sewing blogs for beginners and small sewing project tutorials. You’ll find some sites on how to sew your own clothes with various designs and sewing templates. And also, sites that show you how to sew plus-sized clothes…. yes these sites do exist and the ones we recommend actually have plus-size models to boot!

Before you dive in we do recommend you join a sewing forum. If you don’t want to do so right away, that’s fine too. Though it is good to have them noted for times when you want a quick response to some sort of sewing conundrum.

Finding a sewing site that is best for you is not just about finding one that has random sewing tutorials. It’s more about finding what you what teaches you whatever want to sew according to what stage you are at. We put some thought into it and thought a newbie sewist may want to join a forum for answers to questions on the go.

Some awesome sewing forums for you

Forums are great for beginners to learn and grow from a community.

The Pattern Review is a sewing site that is great for beginners and they have an active community of sewists. They have both free and premium subscriptions. When you sign up you’ll get a free sewing lesson. Furthermore, you will be joining over 500,000 members who love to sew. You can share your sewing experiences with the community and engage in fun sewing contests.

There are some awesome discounts that pop on the site from time to time for fabrics and you can use Paypal as a payment method. A pretty awesome place to hang out as a newbie.

You may also want to check out some of these subreddits I found active and bursting with knowledge. This subreddit is for patterns, my favourite is the one they have on sewing and last but not least check out this Reddit community for beginner sewists.

Okay, let’s dive in and see which sewing blogs we have hand picked for you to learn from.

Beginner-friendly quick and easy sewing ideas:

The Women’s Weekly blog is one of the best in the business. They do sewing, crafting and knitting tutorials for beginners. I used to buy their physical magazines some years ago before everything went digital.  

They have some amazing crafting ideas and they are definitely worthy of first place on this list. 

This sewing website is beginner-friendly and great for making small sewing items for gifts. It’s a great place to use for crafty, quick and easy ideas.

The best site for small sewing projects

Better Homes and Gardens has a good sewing section that gives some nice ideas for small sewing projects. 

It is beginner-friendly and you will find many ideas for cute sewing projects.

Again I used to have their magazines years ago and they were incredibly easy to understand and follow along for sewing projects. I was in my early teens yet all the tutorials were easy to understand and wonderful for beginners.

The best sewing site for all kinds of sewing projects and more

Freeneedle has a large diectory of sewing projects that covers sewing, quilting, embroidery, crochet and knitting.

Again a huge plus is that they have YouTube video tutorials to help you on your sewing journey.

They also make step-by-step tutorials with images to help you understand exactly how to sew your patterns. The patterns are included and free. 

It’s a good place to start sewing without spending money on tutorials and premium packages.

The best sewing blog for learning how to sew your own clothes

Tilly is so much fun and this is a must-follow for any and all sewists. There are so many reasons you should subscribe to and follow Tilly and the Buttons. 

There are so many tutorials on how to sew anything from pyjama bottoms to dresses with YouTube videos for each tutorial. If you are very new to sewing then you might want to try their online workshops that will teach you step-by-step how to sew, this is the best place for beginner sewists to learn sewing.

If you want physical books you can buy patterns and sewing books from Tilly if you want them.

My favourite aspect about this site was that it is all-inclusive of plus sizes as well.

The best sewing blog for the plus-size community

The Curvy Sewing Collective is not just another plus size sewing website. They first started in 2014 and make all kinds of sewing tutorials for the plus-size community. The site is run by people from all walks of life and focuses on plus size wear because a majority of the fashion industry doesn’t cater for the plus-size community and they don’t advertise plus size outfits accordingly. 

It’s a community for the plus-size community made by the plus-size community and the best part is that their models are of all shapes and sizes.

The best sewing blog for all sizes 

Allie Olson has built a wonderful website that caters for all sizes. The site specifically focuses on how to sew your own clothes and how to sew and handle fabrics of all kinds.

There are step-by-step video tutorials for each pattern you purchase and this is the perfect website for anyone wanting to sew their own clothes at home.

You can purchase the design templates for the pattern of your choice. Although this is a premium website it is worth mentioning that Allie donates 5% of all her profit to charities. You can have a look on her site and see for yourself where she has made donations so far, since 2020.

The best free sewing blog for learning how to sew

The Sewing Directory is a UK based website that is perfect for beginner sewists. You can learn how to make alterations, overlocking, quilting, pattern alterations and much more. It’s a one-stop shop for all your sewing endeavours. 

The best part about this site is that everything is free. You can download your designs and templates for free and they also share how to adjust the measurements to fit you. 

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. The site will walk you through choosing and purchasing the right fabrics. 

If you are a sewing blogger then you can advertise your own blog for a cost per anum on their site. 

It’s well worth signing up for their newsletter as they do have workshops and they give out discount codes for buying fabrics online.

The best sewing blog for sewing your own gifts

The Spruce Crafts is very similar to The Sewing & Craft Club. They have all kinds of easy and quick sewing projects that would be perfect for beginners. I love the variety of this website. If you want to sew something as a gift for a friend or a family member you should be able to find a sewing project that would suit anyone.

They have tutorials on baby wraps, weighted blankets, head covering for a friend doing chemo and other nifty items like a simple pincushion. With their quick and easy projects, it’s perfect for beginners and young people learning how to sew. 

The best sewing blog for alterations and curvy folks

At Katrina Kay Creations their slogan is to make clothes that fit your curves. The author of this site has been in the industry for over a decade and has a bachelors degree in fashion. If you’re not reading her blog for making your own alterations you are missing out. 

Katrina started this site because she found a huge gap in the online market for the plus-size community. She does tutorials on how to do alterations which are extremely useful for all sewists. A good alteration is not easy to accomplish and you will need nothing less than an expert teacher to learn from.

She has step-by-step tutorials that are super easy to follow and learn from. A lovely site that everyone can learn something from.

The best sewing blog to sew clothes and your own linen

League of Dressmakers is a good sewing website, though not free, its paid. They cover sewing projects for beginners, simple patterns and designs as well as linen sewing like how to sew a sleeve for your cushions.

They have videos and you can make your own personalised playlist. The best part is that they have an active community so you can ask for help when you need it.

This is a premium website so you would have to make a paid subscription to join.

The best sewing blog for newbie sewists

So there is a lot to unwrap here. Firstly this site owner is a well versed and award-winning sewist. Deborah Meobes is the founder of The League of Dressmakers, The Murder Mystery Quilt and Whip Stitch. Whip Stitch is where she drops her thoughts on sewing and then some. You can also listen to her podcast for free on all things sewing. 

Deborah started a children’s clothesline in 2007 which later turned into online sewing classes. I highly recommend this website for newbie sewists who want to be inspired to sew and stay motivated in their sewing journey.

Final thoughts

Sewing can easily become tedious. When you first get an idea to make that beautiful dress or a cute stuffed toy the possibilities are endless. 

After you start and fail to in some way, or perhaps you’re not feeling motivated to make some necessary alterations. Learning to sew can become a side project you never finished. What was a cool idea becomes a dust collector in your cupboard. 

Reading other peoples blogs, joining a sewing community in forums or a social platform will help you stay motivated throughout your sewing journey. 

You may feel alone in your sewing tragedies or have no one to cheer you on after your sewing wins. In any event find a community of like-minded people to cheer you on and help you with tips, tricks and knowledge because you’ll find so many are willing to share. 

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