10 Easiest Things To Sew For Beginners

Here we are going to describe the easiest things to sew for beginners, the top 10 things you can quickly sew, and enjoy yourself while at it. And they’ll have you feeling inspired right away and ready to get on your first easy sewing project, or your next quick sewing project.

When starting out in your sewing journey, you’ll want to sew something simple and manageable, while being fun, lovely and useful at the same time. Especially if it’s your first attempt. You can take one or more of these easy sewing projects as you progress, and you can take it one step at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

So, let’s begin our list of sewing fun. Below you’ll find the 10 easiest things to sew for beginners, that you can take on and accomplish quickly. Let’s go!

Item 1: Chapstick/lipstick keychain holder-

Pink chapstick lipstick keychain holder
Chapstick/lipstick keychain holder

Here is the first project on our list- a Chapstick/lipstick keychain holder. It is very cute, practical, and simple to do. You can create it using various designs and patterns. You can make many of these and give to your friends, they make a great gift that is also useful. We all can remember the many times we have found ourselves fumbling around in our purse/backpack, car, or some junk drawer… for a tiny Chapstick or lipstick. Now, with this clever Chapstick holder, we can keep it in one convenient place that’s readily accessible.

It simply involves choosing your fabric, cutting it to the right size, and then sewing it according to the simple instructions.

You can see the step by step detailed process here: https://crazylittleprojects.com/chapstickkeychainholderpattern/

This Chapstick/lipstick keychain holder is something a lot of people will love to have. It’s something your friends and family will want to get their hands on. Good thing these tiny accessories are easy to make. And the best part is that they don’t take long to make, you can whip them out in a jiffy. So you can create a bunch of them, or create them time and time again! And give them out as cute little gifts to family and friends. Lots of fun to be had with this, by one and all.

Then there is a 2nd method to create it, using elastic, and still very much fun to create.

This method is also fast and practical. It involves use of elastic. You can go to your favorite fabric store and get all different kinds of elastic, or go here on Amazon to get the elastic, and also the tiny key ring as well.

You need to measure the Chapstick that you’re making the holder for, and cut out that amount of elastic you will need. You can cut out multiple ones, make gifts for friends, and they will appreciate this cute accessory much more than you think.

There are lots of things to be learned as you sew this, and you would definitely enjoy your creations! Once you’ve created a nice, simple & stylish one-of-a-kind accessory you’ll be ready for more. Here is a video to help bring your masterpiece to life: https://youtu.be/YAta8A4nmKw

Item 2: Key fob decoration –

keyfob decoration- easy to sew
Key Fob

Let’s move onto our next item. For this project, you’ll need fusible fleece, which you can get here on Amazon, and Key Fob hardware. Ok, so Fusible fleece, your choice of fabric, sewing threads, and scissors – all set? You’ll need a pair of pliers too. The pliers will be used towards the end of the project to secure your fabric onto your masterpiece.

Making this starts with cutting out the fabric to its desired size. The size of the Key Fob will determine what size your fabric will be. On the last part of the project, you’ll fasten your Key Fob hardware to your fabric nice & tight. Your simple creation will now be complete! And you can go show it off to the world! These are really easy and fun to make.

You can see the step by step process here (and also a quick mini zipper pouch tutorial, if you feel up to it). The Key Fob tutorial is the second featured item in the linked article. Enjoy creating!

Item 3: Ear warmer headband –

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DIYearwarmerheadband-edited.jpg
Ear warmer headband

Winter is here and it’s a great time to bundle up, but how many of us forget about our ears? Especially during winter, it gets very cold, and our ears are stuck out- freezing. Here’s a tiny headband idea to keep our ears warm for many winters to come.

And they make lovely colorful accessories, that can spice up your looks nicely. Once you’ve created a couple of items you’ll revel in the fun! You can check out the exact steps for making it by clicking here.

Item 4: Drawstring bag –

Drawstring bag

These small drawstring bags are absolutely adorable & easy to sew as well. The fabrics needed can be your choice of two different fabrics or you can also make them match. The string needed for the drawstring can also be another chance to add extra color. All these choices are up to you. If you’re making a gift think of that person’s favorite color. Start from there & begin creating.

You could get your items together. Collect your fabrics, your multiple threads, favorite scissors & your drawstring, of course. This is the beginning of something great- something you’ve sewed with your own hands that you can actually use everyday! Once you’ve got all of your items ready, just turn on some special music & enjoy creating! You could probably cut multiple fabrics, all of which have different patterns & gift them away to lucky friends of yours. This drawstring bag would surely make someone’s day & it’s so convenient.

Here’s the step by step tutorial.

Item 5: No-slip headband –

We have all had the uncomfortable feeling of our headband slipping, further and further back. It’s almost as if the headband itself has a different destination entirely in mind. It’s a constant battle to keep it in one place. Here is a solution to that annoying issue. You can make your headband two sided with two different colors, or using one color, it’s all up to you.

This project will be using elastic as well. Just the thin elastic strip will do. The thicker the elastic, the stronger the hold, and you don’t want to give yourself a headache. If the headband is too tight, its not a good feeling, and the thin elastic is more versatile. You can use it for many more different projects in future. The headbands that you create can be very unique, classic headband style or a mixture of both. You’ll decide once you begin to create.

Here is a good tutorial on how to get started with your headband.

Item 6: Cell phone charging station –

green phone charging station made of fabric
Fabric Phone Charging Station

Cell phones nowadays are a must-have when out and about, on the way to work, or even when doing our everyday tasks. We need these electronic devices by our side. They are our trusty companions! Now, with this in mind, here is a cute charging station creation for you to enjoy. Looking at this lovely creation, it’s clear how practical it is, and your cell phone never touches the ground, especially in this period when we’re all doubly health conscious.

There is an option to place the cell phone above the outlet, but that’s not the idea we are doing today. We are going to have a cute station that hangs from a hook on the wall and has a spacious pocket for our cellphone/ charger. You can choose a cute fabric according to your taste. Again, the designs can contrast each other or match – you’re choice.

You can find the tutorial on how to create it here. Enjoy yourself.

Item 7: Portable First Aid Kit –

Blue portable first aid kit- useful easy sewing project for beginners
First Aid Kit

Sometimes we need to have bandage and other first aid items around, like when our kids or family members have a small cut or scratch. A small handy first aid kit comes in useful in organizing these items and keeping them readily available. And they don’t have to look all formal and serious as well. You can now make one of your own, and you can make it as colorful and as pretty as you want.

You’ll get to pick what kind of bandages, how much gauze, maybe add a thermometer or some travel scissors. This creation can even be tied up with a ribbon to give it an additional personal touch. Many people have huge First Aid Kits, you’ll start the craze on your own personalized one, and it can become the talk of the town, lol. It’s such a simple idea, but produces a beautiful result.

You can see the exact steps to create this beautiful item quickly here.

Item 8: Pattern weights –

DIY Pattern weights- quick and easy to sew
Pattern weights

Pattern weights are small but heavy items that help you hold down your patterns to your fabric when tracing or cutting them, instead of using pins. They come in very useful when you’re cutting your fabrics from patterns. Their major advantage over using pins to hold down your fabric is that they hold down the fabric flat very well unlike pins which can create creases or slight distortions, they are easily movable and adjustable when you want to make small corrections, and they don’t leave holes in your fabric like pins do. They are normally sold by some companies, but you can make your own for free, and make it very cute too.

These cute pattern weights will help you hold your patterns and fabrics in place while cutting, and make your sewing life significantly easier. You could make them any shape you like, or maintain this square shape which is very practical. You could make some out of different fabrics, some are heavier that others, so as to have some variety. This is a nice little way to give your cutting mat or sewing table a cute look when cutting fabric, and make your sewing life significantly easier while at it.

You can quickly get it done with this tutorial here:

And if you want more info on pattern weights and their uses generally, you can check out this article and this article as well.

Item 9: Luggage Tags/Labels –

Luggage tab labels- can be easily sewn
Luggage Tag/ Labels

When traveling, you always want to ensure your suitcase doesn’t get mixed up with all the other suitcases. When you’re standing by the conveyer belt waiting for your luggage, the hassle of gluing your eyes to the conveyor belt, watching carefully for it to ensure you don’t mix it up with a similar one, can be quite stressful.

This new craft idea is sure to make finding your luggage easier, but without all of the hassle. This unique Luggage tag/Label can have your suitcase stand out and easily identified from a mile away. You can pick the color of the tag, the design, and you’re all set. If you’re going to use these as labels then the uniformity of it all will be sure to delight your eyes. Makes everything organized and easy to identify.

You can see a detailed description of how to create it here.

Item 10: Fabric koozies – Insulated Drinks Holders

Insulated Drinks holder you can easily sew
Fabric Koozie

Drinks are forever present in our day to day routine. We wake up and we have our morning coffee, then for lunch we have our favorite sweet tea and then for dinner we enjoy a nice tall glass of water. Regardless of how many meals there are in our day we enjoy drinking things along with those meals. The drinks can vary from hot to cold drinks; however, the cold drinks need help with keeping the coldness lasting longer. This cute Fabric Koozie will stand out at any event.

It’s very simple. You can choose your own design, add some Velcro and enjoy your drink. There is a link for the tutorial to create this lovely item and it’s right here at Positively Splendid. Take a look over the project and get together all of your supplies. The Fabric Koozies will be a reusable item that will keep on giving for celebrations to come. This is something that you’ll enjoy, often and with such pride, too. You made this!


So, we’ve shown you 10 of the easiest things to sew for beginners, 10 lovely useful items that you can sew quickly very quickly and easily. So what’s holding you?

Pick one of them, and get sewing. And start making lovely items that you can use, gift to others and show to the world. All created by your own very hands. That’s the joy of sewing!

So tell us, which one of these have you sewed? And how did it go? And which one(s) will you be sewing next? Lets hear it in the comments.

Happy sewing!

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