How to Find a Sewing Cabinet For Less Than $1000

Although a sewing cabinet isn’t essential, no one can deny they can be the perfect addition to any sewing room.

With many designs available, they come in a range of sizes providing both work area and storage. Like any space saving solution though, they can be expensive.

If you’re shopping on a budget, finding a cabinet to suit your needs can be a challenge. This article will help you narrow down what you need from a sewing cabinet and where to find the best quality one you can afford. 

Focusing on products under $200, between $200 and $500, and up to $1,000, this article will help you find a cabinet that won’t break the bank, yet still look stylish.

What to Look For in a Sewing Cabinet

When you start looking at investing in a cabinet, there are a few things to consider. Besides budget, you need to identify what you need the sewing cabinet for. More importantly, how will it fit into your living space?

Before we look at the budget sewing cabinets, let’s take a look at questions you need to ask yourself before you purchase one. 

Size of Your Sewing Cabinet

One of the first things to consider, particularly if you will be housing your sewing machine in the cabinet, will your machine fit? Sewing cabinets come with different sized apertures to suit a variety of machines. It’s essential to make sure your cabinet of choice allows enough space to fit your sewing machine. 

In a similar vein, there’s no point buying a cabinet that doesn’t fit in your room. If available floor space is an issue, make sure you know how much you can spare before embarking on cabinet shopping. 

Finding a cabinet that fits your room’s measurements is one thing. You also need to consider how you will use it. Does it have extending table sections? Are there any doors that must stay open when you’re sewing? 

Make sure you have enough space to utilize all the cabinet’s features. Otherwise, it isn’t worth having them. 

Storage in Your Sewing Cabinet

If you’re looking for a combination of work and storage area, make sure the cabinet can accommodate both. You’ll need to be able to store your essential notions and still have room for your sewing machine. 

Think about how you like to sew. Do you need all your presser feet, tape measures, threads and scissors close by, or do you like a less cluttered working area? 

Really consider what aspect of your hobby needs the most room. Is it the actual sewing? Or do you need more storage? 

Color & Material

This is a slightly less important factor, but if room decor is an important aesthetic for you, the sewing cabinet will need to fit in with your existing furnishings.

What would suit the overall ambiance of your sewing space? If the cabinet will be in a main living area, does the color or finish match what you already have?

How to Find a Cheap Sewing Cabinet

You can, of course, buy all sorts of sewing cabinets online.

This option can be a little limiting though. The main disadvantage with internet purchases, you don’t actually see the product before you buy. If you haven’t seen the item, it can be difficult to visualize how it will look in situ. 

Not only is it tricky to tell the size, other factors are also a challenge to pinpoint. From the color and type of wood used, to how sturdy or heavy the cabinet is, you could be left feeling totally in the dark. 

So, with this in mind, I would highly suggest taking some time out of your day to go to a physical store. That way, you can view a selection of sewing cabinets in person before making the purchasing plunge. 

Even if you do end up buying one online later, you’ll have a better idea of what works best.

These are all questions you need to consider before investing in a sewing cabinet. Even though the cabinets in this article are among the cheapest, they still come with a price tag you need to be comfortable with. It’s better for you if you don’t hate what you end up with.

Under $200

Starting with the cheaper solutions, the following sewing cabinets may lack fancy features, but they’re still 100% appropriate for storing your sewing gear and for sewing on.

They’ll also fit in smaller areas for those with space constraints.

#1 – Sewing & Crafting Table

White sewing cabinet best for those with a small room or limited space

While not strictly a cabinet for sewing, this table is a perfect alternative if you’re looking for storage solutions and a cutting area.

Fabric and notions can be kept on the 5 large shelves. There’s also an integrated thread holder which can store your spools and even your scissors! 

Made from melamine, this storage solution will bring a fresh, modern feel to your sewing area. 

You might not be able to sew on this particular cabinet, but the wheels allow you to move it around to wherever you might be sewing. That portability is hard to beat, especially for the budget price. 

#2 – Folding Sewing Table

Black foldable sewing cabinet with a white sewing machine on it

If space is an issue for you, check out this folding table.

Unfolded, this cabinet offers an ample working area for a sewing machine, plus additional room for sewing accessories. With a knee-high shelf and three shelf-bins for storage of sewing kits and other notions, it’s a budget friendly solution for the busiest of sewing areas. 

When it’s not in use, this table folds neatly into a small cube.

With lockable wheels, this unit can be moved around your home as needed, or kept securely in one place. Both sturdy and durable, this folding sewing solution is just the thing for the space conscious. 

#3 – Sew Ready Sewing Center

White and black sewing table with black cabinets

This sewing solution offers both sewing space and storage.

With three drawers you can keep your sewing equipment in, it also has a large two-level work area. The lower level is perfect for smaller sewing machine models, and the top is great for fabrics and other notions. 

If you run out of space while sewing, there is a shelf at knee-height to keep some things tucked out of the way.

Designed as a multi-functional table, it can be used for computers or other hobbies. The lower level, which would suit some sewing machines, may be too small for embroidery machines. It could also hinder quilting. 

Having said that, for general sewing or for smaller machines, it could be just the thing you need for your sewing space.

$200 – $500

The sewing cabinets in this section are mid-range models. With storage and sewing space, the next selection of cabinets have better construction and usability. 

#1 – Arrow Judy Sewing Machine Cabinet

Brown and Cream coloured Arrow Judy Sewing Cabinet

This cabinet is another foldable design, but with a slight difference. 

Unlike the previous cabinets we’ve looked at, this one features a three-position airlift for you to put your sewing machine on, and keep it tucked away in the table for the rest of the time.

It comes on wheels so you can still easily move it around to wherever you want to work.

The limited area for accessories could be an issue. It may necessitate the need to invest in another storage method. 

But the benefit of keeping your machine hidden away when not in use, could outweigh the lack of room for your notions. 

If a standard sized lift cabinet is too big for your room, this is the cabinet for you.

#2 – Lipo Foldable Sewing Table

White foldable sewing cabinet with white sewing machine on it

With this sewing table, you have both storage and a decent sized working area. Coupled with the option of moveability, this sewing solution can be repositioned around your home, depending on your changing space needs. 

It folds into a neat little cabinet when not in use. Although not quite as compact as some of the other sewing cabinets we’ve covered, it still offers a versatile answer to your spatial restrictions.

Three storage bins in the door, a knee-high shelf, and further shelves in a side cupboard offer a range of useful places to store your sewing notions.

When this sewing cabinet is completely unfolded, it has one of the larger workspace areas of the cabinets on the list so far. Making it perfect for sewing on, as there’s room for both your machine and all your fabric.

$500 – $1,000

Last but by no means least, sewing cabinets in this section offer more style and durability for your money.

#1 – Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet

Black and Cream coloured Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet with airlift mechanism

This particular cabinet has less storage space than the other options featured on this list. But it does come with an integrated airlift, and is the perfect cabinet to store your sewing machine in.

The easy-to-use lever mechanism for the airlift will quickly raise your sewing machine into place. Lowering it back into the cabinet when you’ve finished sewing with just as much ease.  

When not in use, the cabinet folds away into a simple unit that blends in with the rest of your room. It comes in either black or white, or a classic oak grain for a more cottage-esque look.

Although storage is limited, there are two small storage compartments and two spindle racks, for you to keep all your threads, fabric quarters and scissors.

An ideal, higher range compact sewing cabinet, this could be the solution for the smaller sewing area that needs to blend in with a living space.

#2 –  Arrow 901 Auntie Portable Sewing Table

White sewing cabinet with foldable arm

Reminiscent of sewing cabinets of yesteryear, this solution combines modern convenience with vintage style. 

Offering storage space, an airlift, and a compact design, the Arrow 901 comes with a universal insert to ensure most sewing machines will fit. For special machines, a custom insert can be purchased. 

It has four drawers to safely store your accessories and two fold-out worktables to extend your available workspace on either side.

Complete with a fake drawer on the front to help hide the airlift, the cabinet is both stylish and practical.

#3 – Arrow 700 Bertha Sewing Cabinet

Brown and cream colored Arrow 700 Bertha Sewing Cabinet with foldable arms and foldable sides

As the most expensive on this list, this sewing cabinet has it all. 

When sealed away, the oak finish on this two-door cabinet will fit neatly among your other pieces of furniture.

It comes into its own when you open it up. 

Offering a large airlift, this cabinet has been built for today’s heavier machines. The airlift in this cabinet can handle a 60 pound machine with ease. Lifting it effortlessly into 3 different working positions. 

There are eight bins on the doors for accessory storage, an expansive worktop space to both sides, and even an extended quilt table to the rear. 

Plus, a handy cut out in the front to allow you to use your machine’s knee lifter in comfort!

The cabinet is fully portable thanks to the castor style wheels, allowing you to move it around. Either to push it out of the way when not in use, or to move it away from a wall to extend the drop leaf sections. 


Now you have a better idea what to look for in a cabinet, and you’ve got a list that will match your budget, you’re ready to start shopping around!

It’s easier than you would think to find a sewing cabinet that falls within the $0 – $1,000 range, just remember the three points: size, storage, and color, and you’re good to go!

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