How To Sew A Jute And Fabric Storage Basket

Fabric storage baskets are everything you need and more for organising supplies anywhere around the house. Here is an easy tutorial on how to sew your own. You can use them in the bathroom, kitchen, on your desk, or to keep all your sewing supplies in one place.

For this basket, I used jute and thick, dark coloured, cotton cloth as the lining. This is because jute is much more attractive paired with bold and solid colours than it is with pale or pastel colours.

Because I used jute there was no need to sew in an additional lining to keep the basket stiff. If you want to make the same basket without jute and just fabric you will have to sew in some batting for the basket to keep its shape. If you don’t have batting you can always sew in two layers of a cotton fabric instead.

What you need to make your jute and fabric basket

Estimated time for the project 30 minutes.

  • jute width 14 inches-35 centimetres and length 23 inches-58 1/2 centimetres
  • cloth, width 14 inches-35 centimetres and length 23 inches-58 1/2 centimetres
  • matching thread
  • sharp scissors
  • a sewing machine
  • a paper cut at 4 by 4 inches

How to sew the basket

Firstly iron out your cloth and jute. After you have cut both materials to match the measurements, given above, take the fabric and fold it so that both widths meet. Now sew it on both sides.

Place this on a tabletop and on the corner that is folded and sewn place the paper as a template. Cut out the square on both sides. You can look at the images below for reference. The square is cut at the closed end of the cloth, not the unhemmed open end. If you are uncertain about cutting your cloth with a paper you can use a measuring tape instead. Measure 4 inches from the corner of the cloth and mark it with chalk. Do this from the bottom up and sideways on both sides of the bottom part of your bag.

Repeat this on both sides. Again, look at the image below for further guidance. It should look like and undergarment.

Now you have to open the square cut out area and sew in a straight line. Always sew two lines of stitching here, because it could unravel after a time. Pull out the corners and leave half an inch of cloth, then sew the hole shut.

Time to sew your jute bag

You will have to repeat all these steps with the jute. Sewing jute is usually easy and you will not need to change your sewing machine needle to a thicker one. Furthermore, jute is a stiff material which makes it easy to handle. If you are sewing a basket like this for the first time then you could use some pins to keep the material in place as you sew.

Once you have both your bags ready turn them inside out. Put the jute bag into your cloth bag, you should be able to see the seam of the jute bag when you look into it and on the outside of the bag, you should be able to see the seam of the cloth bag as well. When you have the bags in place join the jute and cloth at the opening. Make sure to join the cloth at the seams as shown below. Sew all around the cloth leaving about 6 inches un-sewn. Look at the picture below for some help and reference.

Now turn your bag inside out through the un-sewn hole by gently pulling out the lining little by little.

With a needle and a thread hem, the opening shut. Push the fabric into the jute bag. Take about an inch and a half of the rim and turn it out over the jute. Your jute basket is ready. Below is a picture of the finished product.

Sewing this basket is incredibly easy but pay attention to the measurements. Specifically because if one bag is bigger or smaller you could have a hard time putting it together.

I encourage you to get creative with this simple template. I did mention that I used a thick cotton cloth, but you can really use any type of pure cotton fabric. A printed fabric would also look pretty or a checked material.

You can decorate your bag with ribbons or make handles for it. Play around with design to fit your own preferences.

Final thoughts

If you don’t understand any of the explanations please do reach out and ask questions. I’d love to help you in any way possible. I hope you have fun making this basket.

Remember to play around with the design, you could always embroider a flower or two on the jute and then make the basket. It would make a lovely present for your family and friends. The best part is that you can put this together with fabric you already have at home. A great gift idea if you are strapped for cash. Make the bag and fill it with goodies for whoever is the lucky receiver of the gift.

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