How To Sew A Reusable Skincare Set: Headband, Face Towel, Makeup Remover Pads

All make-up lovers everywhere unite! We all need one of these reusable skincare sets for two reasons. The first you’ll never have to worry about running out of cotton pads to wipe off your mascara. The second, you will be helping our planet stay green longer. I think they are both great reasons. Furthermore, if you don’t use make-up yourself this is an awesome gift you can easily put together for a friend.

So if you’ve been hunting for how to sew these cute reusable makeup remover pads and other parts of the skincare set, you’ve come to the right place.

So let’s get started!

What you will need to sew your skincare set

You need a medium small towel that is 13 inches-33 centimetres by 27 inches-69 centimetres. I bought a new white towel for this project but if you are making it for yourself you can always use an old towel of your own. You will need about half a yard of cloth for piping and for making a pouch to store all the pads, towels and headband.

I used a printed pure cotton cloth but you can use any print you prefer or a solid colour. I do strongly recommend using a pure natural material because many people are sensitive to impurities in synthetic fabric.

Time 1 hour.

  • What you will need:
  • A pure cotton towel, 27 inches in length and 33 in width
  • Half a yard of pure cotton cloth
  • Some ribbon
  • Matching thread
  • Velcro 2 inches

How to make your skincare set

Firstly carefully cut off the towel’s edging. Do this before making your measurements.

Now mark your towel to make sure that you don’t have too much wastage. Measure out 3 inches from the length of your towel and mark it with chalk. Do this all along the length. Now take any circular object that is the size you want your face pads to be and draw circles along your already marked lines. I was able to get four circles because the towel has a border I had to cut out. You can use a glass or a compass to make them the size you want.

Look at the image below for a better idea. If you look carefully, I have left half of the towel unmarked. The other half will be used for making a face cleaning glove.

White towel marked with chalk and ready for cutting

With some really sharp scissors carefully cut out the strip of the towel. Note, you have to cut the entire length. You can leave the ends straight or cut the end in curves. Take a circle and place it on top of the edge of both sides and draw out a half-circle. Cut off the edges so you have curved edges. Set the strip aside.

Now cut out the circles already marked on the towel, after you’ve done this measure a length of 16 inches and a width of 7 inches. This will be your face cleaning glove.

In the image below, everything has been cut, ready for sewing.

White towel cut into the pieces needed for the reusable makeup pads, headband and face towel.

Now you have to prepare your cloth. I made strips of cloth for the edging by cutting a 2-inch wide cloth and about 35 inches long. Cut the cloth into strips and don’t worry if you do not have the length. You can cut shorter strips and sew them together until you get the right length. Make sure to sew the strips together and get the right length before attaching it to your towel. Now you have to hem the strip on both sides. Fold one side and iron it (try to get this as straight as possible and then repeat this on the other side. By ironing it you will be able to sew the strip easily and quickly. Once this is complete sew it on both sides. Look at the image below if you need more help.

Headband being folded and ironed into place before sewing

Now you need to repeat this for the little circular pads. Measure 10 inches in length and 2 inches in width, sew and iron this the same way you did for for the head band.

Now take one of the round pads and put the tip on the edge. Sew a stitch or two with your machine and slowly sew and turn the circle of the towel while turning the cloth. Continue this until almost the end, when you get there fold the edge in and sew.

Take a look at this picture right here. Now you have to fold the cloth on the opposite side and sew with your machine.

Circular reusable face pad with cotton cloth folded around it, being sewn.

Now that you have done this, repeat the entire process for the headband. It will be easier to sew because you will be sewing straight lines. Take your velcro and sew it on the ends of both sides of the band. You may have some trouble here because sewing machine needles do break on velcro.

Now to sew the towel glove for wiping your face. First take a strip of cloth that is 2 inches in width and 7 inches in length. Repeat the same process of folding it on either side, ironing it and then sewing it.

Take the width of the towel and place the strip of cloth onto it. Just as before sew it on then fold the cloth over the edge and sew it on the other side. Once you have done this on both sides you will be able to join the two sides and sew down both sides of the towel. When this is done turn your towel inside out and you are done!

How to make a quick cloth bag for your skincare set

Cut your cotton cloth at 18 inches in length, and at a width of 11 inches. Take the edge of both sides, of the width and turn in a little cloth not all the way just 2 inches. This is so that when we sew the loop for the ribbon, the edges will be hemmed.

Now fold a quarter inch on the length of the cloth, then turn an entire inch and iron this loop. Sew on the edge of the loop in a straight line. Now fold the cloth to make the two widths meet. Sew just beneath the loop of the fabric in a straight line down and then another straight line on the bottom.

When you are done sewing turn the bag inside out. Now take your ribbon and pass it through the loop, that is it you are done.

Final thoughts

Making this skin care cleaning set was a lot of fun. The best part is that you will never need to buy disposable makeup remover pads again if you don’t want to. Of course you could probably buy them if you like, but you’ll always have these reusable ones at home.

I used a white towel but you can choose a solid coloured towel and play around with the design. You can basically do whatever you want and have fun in the process.

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